OpenDMARC Library (libopendmarc)


DMARC stands for "Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance". It is a technical specification created by a group of organizations to help reduce the potential for email-based abuse by solving long-standing operational, deployment, and reporting issues related to the existing email authentication protocols of DKIM and SPF. More information about DMARC can be found at the website.

This API (libopendmarc) at its current release, allows an application to look up DMARC records and to apply policy to application supplied DKIM and SPF results. An implementation of a filter, using Sendmail's milter package, uses this libopendmarc library.

Data Types

Data Type Description
OPENDMARC_LIB_T The structure used to initialize the library at startup
DMARC_POLICY_T The context used per in-bound envelope.
OPENDMARC_STATUS_T The type returned by many library functions.


Function Description
Program Startup/Shutdown
opendmarc_policy_library_init() Initialize the library on program startup.
opendmarc_policy_library_shutdown() Shut down the library to free resources.
Per-Envelope Context Functions
opendmarc_policy_connect_init() Allocate a new context for an in-bound envelope.
opendmarc_policy_connect_clear() Clears (zeros) a context for reuse.
opendmarc_policy_connect_rset() Partially clears the context as part of an SMTP RSET.
opendmarc_policy_connect_shutdown() Deallocate and free a context to conclude its use.
Information Storage Functions
opendmarc_policy_store_from_domain() Give the policy processor the From: header's domain.
opendmarc_policy_store_dkim() Give the policy processor the results of DKIM processing.
opendmarc_policy_store_spf() Give the policy processor the results of SPF processing.
DMARC Record Functions
opendmarc_policy_query_dmarc() DNS lookup a DMARC record and parse it.
opendmarc_policy_parse_dmarc() Parse a user supplied DMARC record.
opendmarc_policy_store_dmarc() The user process looked up the DMARC record and provides it to the library in one gulp.
DMARC Result Functions
opendmarc_get_policy_to_enforce() Returns the policy for the MTA to enforce.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_pct() Fetch the value of the pct= DMARC setting to determine sampling rate.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_adkim() Fetch the value of the adkim= DMARC setting to determine alignment policy.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_aspf() Fetch the value of the aspf= DMARC setting to determine alignment policy.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_p() Fetch the value of the p= DMARC setting to determine desired policy.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_sp() Fetch the value of the sp= DMARC setting to determine desired subdomain policy.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_rua() Fetch a list of the rua= DMARC URI stating where to send reports.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_ruf() Fetch a list of the ruf= DMARC URI stating where to send failed messages notifications.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_fo() Fetch a bitmap that shows how/when that RUF reports should be sent.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_rf() Fetch a bitmap that shows which format (arfrf versus iodef) should be used.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_alignment() Fetch the result of SPF and DKIM alignment checks.
opendmarc_policy_fetch_utilized_domain() Fetch the domain that was used to find the DMARC record.
TLD Functions
opendmarc_tld_read_file() Read and re-read a TLD file for library use. (See also opendmarc_policy_library_init())
opendmarc_tld_shutdown() Deallocate the cached TLD information as part of program shutdown.
XML File Functions
opendmarc_xml() Parse an XML Report file that was read into a memory buffer and produce CSV output.
opendmarc_xml_parse() Read an XML Report file from disk and parse it into CSV output.
SPF Checking Functions
opendmarc_spf_test.html() Look up an SPF record and determine if it is a pass or fail.
Handy Utility Functions
opendmarc_dns_fake_record() Hard-code some DNS replies. Intended for use during unit tests.
opendmarc_util_clearargv() Free a NULL terminated array of strings.
opendmarc_policy_status_to_str() Fetch a human readable string correspoding to a OPENDMARC_STATUS_T value returned by a function.
opendmarc_policy_to_buf() Fetch a human readable copy of the opaque DMARC_POLICY_T into a text buffer.

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