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#include <dmarc.h>
OPENDMARC_STATUS_T opendmarc_get_policy_to_enforce(
Query the library to find the policy to follow.
Called When opendmarc_get_policy_to_enforce() is called after the DMARC record has been fetched and parsed.
pctx The address of a structure of type DMARC_POLICY_T as returned from opendmarc_policy_connect_init().
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NULL_CTX -- If you passed in a pctx value that was NULL.
  • DMARC_POLICY_ABSENT -- No DMARC record was found.
  • DMARC_FROM_DOMAIN_ABSENT -- No From: domain was ever supplied to look up.
  • DMARC_POLICY_NONE -- Accept (only if other policy allows)
  • DMARC_POLICY_REJECT -- Policy advises to reject the message.
  • DMARC_POLICY_QUARANTINE -- Policy advises to quarantine the message.
  • DMARC_POLICY_PASS -- Policy advises to accept the message
  • Call this function only after a DMARC record was fetched and parsed with opendmarc_policy_query_dmarc() or supplied to the library with opendmarc_policy_store_dmarc().
  • The "pct" value of the DMARC policy record is not applied by this function. That is, the applicable policy is always returned, and the caller must apply the semantics requested by a "pct" value other than 100.

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