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#include <dmarc.h>
OPENDMARC_STATUS_T opendmarc_policy_store_dmarc(
	u_char *dmarc_record, u_char *domain, u_char *organizationaldomain
Provide the library with a DMARC record with which to determine policy.
Called When opendmarc_policy_store_dmarc() must be called before you call opendmarc_get_policy_to_enforce().
pctx The address of a structure of type DMARC_POLICY_T as returned from opendmarc_policy_connect_init().
dmarc_record A string containing the DMARC record that the library should parse.
domain A string containing the domain for which you looked up the DMARC record.
organizationaldomain If you found the record using the Organizational Domain instead of the From: domain, provide that domain here. Else leave as NULL.
  • DMARC_PARSE_OKAY -- Success.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NULL_CTX -- If you passed in a pctx value that was NULL.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_EMPTY -- If the DMARC record was NULL.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NO_DOMAIN -- If the domain was NULL.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_BAD_VERSION -- If the DMARC record's v= was bad.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_BAD_VALUE -- If a value following an = was bad or illegal.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NO_REQUIRED_P -- The required p= was absent.
  • This function expects the DMARC record to be supplied as a single line of text. If the record appeared in DNS as a collection of quoted parts, you must assemble those parts into a single string before calling this function.

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