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Purpose The OPENDMARC_STATUS_T is the type returned by many of the functions in this library.
#include <dmarc.h>

OPENDMARC_STATUS_T return_value;

OPENDMARC_STATUS_T The values that can be returned from functions that return OPENDMARC_STATUS_T include:
  • DMARC_PARSE_OKAY -- Success.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_EMPTY -- An argument was empty or NULL or zero length.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NULL_CTX -- Received a NULL pointer as the context or library initializer.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_BAD_VERSION -- DMARC record contained a bad v=.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_BAD_VALUE -- DMARC record a bad value, e.g. p=bob.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NO_REQUIRED_P -- DMARC record lacked a required p=.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NO_DOMAIN -- Parsing required a domain but got <>.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NO_ALLOC -- Memory allocation error. Also sets errno to ENOMEM.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_BAD_SPF_MACRO -- Bad value given to opendmarc_policy_store_dkim().
  • DMARC_DNS_ERROR_NO_RECORD -- No DMARC record was found.
  • DMARC_DNS_ERROR_NXDOMAIN -- No such domain exists.
  • DMARC_DNS_ERROR_TMPERR -- Lookup of DMARC record got a recoverable error. Try again later.
  • DMARC_TLD_ERROR_UNKNOWN -- Type of TLD file was not a known type.
  • DMARC_FROM_DOMAIN_ABSENT -- Expected a From: domain but it was absent.
  • Individual functions return specific values. Only check for those documented per function.
  • You may used these macros anywhere an integer expression may be used.
  • You should use these macros rather than looking for particular integers, such as zero.
  • These underlying values currently conflict with some errno values and may be changed in the future.

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