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#include <dmarc.h>
OPENDMARC_STATUS_T opendmarc_policy_query_dmarc(
	u_char *domain
Cause the DMARC record to be looked up using DNS.
Called When opendmarc_policy_query_dmarc() may be called either before you have stored the From: domain, or in place of storing that domain.
pctx The address of a structure of type DMARC_POLICY_T as returned from opendmarc_policy_connect_init().
domain A string containing the domain to look up. If not NULL, should be the domain from the From: header. If NULL, you must already have stored the From: domain using opendmarc_policy_store_from_domain().
  • DMARC_PARSE_OKAY -- Success.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NULL_CTX -- If you passed in a pctx value that was NULL.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_EMPTY -- if domain was NULL and there was no From: domain.
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NO_DOMAIN -- if domain wasn't really a domain name.
  • DMARC_DNS_ERROR_NXDOMAIN -- No such domain found in DNS.
  • DMARC_DNS_ERROR_TMPERR -- DNS returned a temporary failure.
  • DMARC_DNS_ERROR_NO_RECORD -- The domain exists but no DMARC record was found, either at that domain or a found organizational domain.
  • If the DMARC record is found it is parsed, so this function can also return the values of opendmarc_policy_parse_dmarc().
  • This function uses the standard resolver library. As of this release there are no hooks for an asynchronous resolver library.

Copyright (c) 2012, The Trusted Domain Project. All rights reserved.
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