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#include <dmarc.h>
DMARC_POLICY_T * opendmarc_policy_store_spf(
	u_char *domain, int result, int origin, u_char *human_readable
One you have found the outcome of the SPF check you may call this function to prepare it for a DMARC policy decision.
Called When opendmarc_policy_store_spf() may be called as soon as you have made an SPF decision. If you have no way of validating SPF, you may ignore this function.
pctx A pointer to type DMARC_POLICY_T.
domain A pointer to an unsigned string containing the domain used to check SPF. This may be the domain from the SMTP MAIL From: command or, if that contained no domain, the domain from the SMTP HELO/EHLO command.
result Integer specifying the result of the SPF check. Choose from one of: DMARC_POLICY_SPF_OUTCOME_NONE if there was no SPF record; DMARC_POLICY_SPF_OUTCOME_PASS if the SPF check passed; DMARC_POLICY_SPF_OUTCOME_FAIL if the SPF check failed; or DMARC_POLICY_SPF_OUTCOME_TMPFAIL if the check returned a temporary failure.
origin Integer specifying the which part of the SMTP session contained the domain to check. Select from one of: DMARC_POLICY_SPF_ORIGIN_MAILFROM if the domain came from the SMTP MAIL From: command; or DMARC_POLICY_SPF_ORIGIN_HELO if the domain came from the SMTP HELO/EHLO command.
human_readable If not NULL, is a string containing an arbitrary, human readable and friendly SPF result.
  • DMARC_PARSE_OKAY -- On success
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_EMPTY -- If domain was NULL or zero length
  • DMARC_PARSE_ERROR_NO_DOMAIN -- If domain did not contain a domain, e.g. "<>"
  • You may pass the whole SMTP MAIL From: command to this function, or the value of the SMTP MAIL From: command inside angle braces or just the domain you parsed from that address. This function will correctly handle whatever you feed it.
  • If you lack access to an SPF outcome, you may safely omit calling this function, because the library presumes there will be no SPF outcome unless told otherwise.

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