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#include <dmarc.h>
u_char ** opendmarc_policy_fetch_rua(
	u_char *list_buf, size_t size_of_buf, int constant
Query the library to find the list of rua= values from the DMARC record.
Called When opendmarc_policy_fetch_rua() is called after the DMARC record has been fetched and parsed.
pctx The address of a structure of type DMARC_POLICY_T as returned from opendmarc_policy_connect_init().
list_buf If not NULL, the address of a buffer to receive a comma delimited list as a single string.
size_of_buf If list_buf was not NULL, the the length of that buffer in bytes.
constant This function returns an argv-style array of stings. Set this to 0 if you will free that array when you are finished with it. Set this to 1 if you want to treat that array as const and have the library magically free it for you.
  • != NULL -- On success.
  • NULL -- The pctp pointer was NULL.
  • NULL -- If the DMARC record contained no rua=
  • If you set constant to 1, you must not free the array returned. To do so will have unpredictable results.
  • Call this function only after a DMARC record was fetched and parsed with opendmarc_policy_query_dmarc() or supplied to the library with opendmarc_policy_store_dmarc().
  • Note that each returned record is looked up using DNS to find if it is accepting reports for the from_domain. If not, it is eliminated from the returned list.

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