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The Trusted Domain Project (TDP) provides oversight, financial and administrative support for initiatives that wish to do open software and standards related research, development and education in line with its non-profit purposes. The following is a list of active and pending initiatives and brief descriptions of each. If you would like to find out more about a specific initiative, click on its link (if provided).

If you would like to create a TDP initiative of your own, go here.

Name of Initiative State Description
Affiliation active A team developing a combination of DKIM (RFC6376) and VBR (RFC5518) as an anti-fraud technique by enabling the highlighting of mail from legitimate sources in specific groups, such as banks and non-profits.
DMARC active Collaborative development of extensions to domain-based message authentication based on ARF (RFC5965), DKIM (RFC6376) and SPF (RFC4408).
DOSETA pending An open source library providing Domain Security Tagging signing and verification service. Based on DKIM, this technology can be used to sign and verify anything that has the common header/body format, such as email, HTTP responses (e.g., web pages), Usenet articles, and more.
OpenDKIM active Provides a suite of open source libraries implementing DKIM (RFC6376), VBR (RFC5518), RBL queries (RFC5782) and Authentication-Results (RFC5451) to verify one or more identities that take responsibility for a message, and evaluate those identities. Also includes an extensible milter-based filter (used with sendmail, postfix, and Sun JMS) that uses these on inbound mail. In active use at AOL, Yahoo! and TrueDomain. Also conducting domain reputation research in conjunction with the REPUTE work inside the IETF.
OpenDMARC active Open source implementation of the DMARC proposal, and co-ordination of and participation in an interoperability event.