[opendmarc-users] OpenDMARC useless with Postfix

Joachim Fahrner jf at fahrner.name
Sun Sep 21 22:23:52 PDT 2014

Am Freitag, den 19.09.2014, 07:03 +0200 schrieb Robert Schetterer:

> The opendmarc milter seems to need other milters as "helpers" to work
> with postfix, this is "unusual", and it took me two days get this to
> know, i would expect doing every software its own complete job.
> At last it fits to the picture that opendmarc list brake dmarc.
> I have no criticts about software/standards working as designed. also
> bugs may happen,
> but there seems still work to do in documentation.
> I guess the intention of the subject "useless" was in waking up the list
> for support.

I finally got OpenDMARC working. There are 4 Problems when you first
setup OpenDMARC:

1. the infamous "first header missing" Postfix bug. One has to find a
workaround for that. Should be documented somehwere. 

2. OpenDKIM needs config option "AddAllSignatureResults true". This is
not default and this option is not documented (missing) in OpenDKIMs
sample.conf. Should also be documented in OpenDMARC "first steps".

3. "IgnoreAuthenticatedClients true" is not working because of this bug:

4. This list is not DKIM-safe. (really annoying)

These are too many unknowns for a newcomer to get a proper OpenDKIM
setup. So don't wonder when people get angry.

Mit besten Grüßen
Joachim Fahrner

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