[opendmarc-users] pypolicyd-spf integration

Cristian Mammoli c.mammoli at apra.it
Mon Mar 31 23:43:35 PDT 2014

On 25/03/2014 15:09, Cristian Mammoli wrote:
> Sorry for the noise, but I can't really find a way to make opendmarc 
> work with pypolicyd-spf...
> Before updating to 1.2.0 opendmarc reported fail even if running from 
> command line with -t parameters.
> Tha was caused by bug #58 ("smtp.mailfrom" part of an 
> Authentication-Results field might contain only a domain name. Problem 
> noted by Scott Kitterman.)
Hi all, I finally managed to get it working using sid-milter...
Mammoli Cristian
System administrator
T. +39 0731 22911
Via Brodolini 6 | 60035 Jesi (an)

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