[opendmarc-users] OpenDMARC useless with Postfix

Joachim Fahrner jf at fahrner.name
Thu Sep 18 09:32:23 PDT 2014


I found that OpenDMARC is useless in Postfix environments. OpenDMARC
does not calculate and verify DKIM hashes on its own, but relies on
Authentication-Result headers from SPF and DKIM milters. But in Postfix
one milter does not see headers that some other milter inserts.

You can compile OpenDMARC with SPF support and let it check SPF on its
own, but that makes no sense when DKIM support is missing. So running
OpenDMARC as a Postfix milter is only a placebo (you can do the same
checks with a spf policy daemon).

Mit besten Grüßen
Joachim Fahrner

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